Closed Trails for 2015 – Click for Maps

Just a reminder about which trails are closed and how to get to Lake Desolation.  When coming from Sacandage on C8, at SR06 take the left towards the firetower side of the mountain on S86.  At SR05 take the right on C8 towards the old ski hill trail, however you must now take S87 at […]

Mulleyville Snowmobile Club meeting Tonight at Tinney’s Tavern at 7:30pm

Meeting tonight for the Mulleyville Snowmobile Club  at Tinney’s Tavern.  The meeting “officially” starts at 7:30, but must folks show up early (6-6:30) for a bite to eat.  We talk about riding, trails, grooming and all things to make our system better every year.

Mulleyville Bonfire set for Saturday February 21st!

Get this date in your calenders…Mulleyville Snowmobile Club is hosting a BONFIRE on Lake Desolation on Saturday February 21st. We are working with Bob & Kevin from Tinney’s Tavern to have food specials, drink specials and a band! Watch for all updates as the date gets nearer!

Mulleyville Snowmobile Club…FYI: ATV’s & Off Road Vehicles

Just an FYI:  Mulleyville (Snowmobile) Trail System is an accredited member of NYSSA.  We have responsibility for the snowmobile trails on or near Mulleyville from December 15th to April 1st of any given year.  We have nothing to do with the trails, seasonal roads, etc. at any other time.  We work with both land owners, […]


First, a BIG thank you to all the volunteers that showed up both Saturday and Sunday to get the re-routes and by-pass trails in place, as well as, all the trail brushing and clearing! Clubs do not and will not survive with out the volunteers!  Thank you again.   Finally,  we wish all of you […]