Grooming will officially start after this next snow fall

The groomer team had one machine (North end) out for a short run last night.  Normal grooming will begin after this next snow fall. Let’s all hope we get closer to the 5″ than 3″ side so the groomer can get some work done!   Think Snow!

Update on Closed Trail for 2015

Just a reminder about which trails are closed and how to get to Lake Desolation.  When coming from Sacandage on C8, at SR06 take the left towards the firetower side of the mountain on S86.  At SR05 take the right on C8 towards the old ski hill trail, however you must now take S87 at […]

Let’s all think SNOW for tonight!

Well let’s all start thinking BIG SNOW thoughts for tonight and tomorrows event!  If we get close to what they are predicting we will be sitting pretty with the trails.  With the cold staying in place we will have a solid base for this snow to snuggle up with.  The groomers will be ready to […]

Mulleyville Bonfire set for Saturday February 21st!

Get this date in your calenders…Mulleyville Snowmobile Club is hosting a BONFIRE on Lake Desolation on Saturday February 21st. We are working with Bob & Kevin from Tinney’s Tavern to have food specials, drink specials and a band! Watch for all updates as the date gets nearer!


I have received many reports from people riding that range from good to horrible. I went out yesterday for a quick analysis of the trails and was pleasantly surprised. Those of you, who know me, know I am an optimist when it comes to snowmobiling…. I am happy to be on my sled in any […]